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Herzliya Marina is the largest most advanced marina in the Middle

East. Since 1995, hundreds of vessels from around the world have

docked and continue to dock in the Herzliya Marina. Each year



marina hosts tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors, with

exciting attractions including: shopping, leisure, music, sports, res-

taurants and bars located in a magical and romantic atmosphere.

Under the pleasant Israeli sun, sea lovers can enjoy a wide range of

recreational activities that the

Herzliya Marina has to offer, such as

kayaking, jet sking, speedboating, yachting, and more.

Herzliya Marina offers the capacity for mooring 780 boats, including

impressive 35-meter-long “mega yachts”. Presently, there are ap-

proximately 580 vessels docked at the Marina. 

For those who dream of becoming a captain,you can take a spin in

a private yacht, with family and friends, enjoying afternoon, full-day

or even week-long excursions.

A variety of sailing events, international and national rallies,

are held at the Marina – a center of attraction for sailing and boating

enthusiasts.  In recent years, sailing has evolved from an exclusive

sport into a popular and accessible one.

The excellent Israeli climate makes the

Herzliya Marina an ideal

location for a host of events.

Whether a lover of the sea or the shore, the Herzliya Marina has

something to offer. It’s the perfect place to experience the excite-

ment and wonder of the sea.




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