Individual Blue Flag for Boat owner


I will not throw garbage into the sea or along the coast

I will not release waste water into the sea, in coastal waters or sensitive areas

I am using a holding tank for the collection of toilet waste on board

I will not release poisonous or toxic waste (oil, paint, used batteries, cleaning agents, etc.) into the sea. I will safely dispose of these wastes in containers provided in the marina/harbour.

I will promote and use recycling facilities (glass, paper, etc

I will use the most environmentally-friendly products (paints, anti-foulings, paint remover, detergents, chemicals etc.) available

I will instantly report pollution or other violations of environmental regulations to the authorities

I will not use illegal fishing practices and I will respect periods when fishing is prohibited

I will protect animals and plants in the sea, including not disturbing breeding birds, seals or other marine mammals

I will respect sensitive and natural protected areas

I will avoid anchoring in sensitive areas

I will avoid disturbing fishery or fishing gear

I will be respectful and considerate to other people and the environment

I will not buy or use objects made from protected/endangered species or from archaeological underwater findings

I will encourage other sailors to take care of the environment

לנוסח ההתחייבות בעברית (Click for the Hebrew Form)