For the Coastal Environment: A Fascinating Lecture and Countless Compliments to the Herzliya Beaches

On July 22, 2019, the Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. hosted a fascinating lecture about improving and preserving the coastal environment.
The lecture, held at the Sailor’s Club at the Herzliya Marina, was delivered by Mr. Danny Shafer, Executive Director of the international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), that awards the Blue Flag to beaches and marinas around the world.
On the day before the lecture Mr. Shafer conducted a comprehensive tour of the Herzliya’s strip of beaches. He was very impressed by their external look and high level of cleanliness, including the Promenade and Acadia beaches.
Mr. Shafer also visited the Herzliya Marina, showering countless compliments about its beauty and high maintenance level that meets the highest criteria, as he himself noted.
In the evening, we had the honor of hearing his fascinating lecture about the International Blue Flag Award and its implementation on the beaches of Israel and in marinas in Israel and throughout the world.