Herzliya municipality established the Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. which prepared, together with the Israel Land Authority (the owners of the land) a tender for the Herzliya Marina. The Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.is a municipal corporation owned and controlled by the Herzliya municipality. The corporation was established in 1985 and began its operation in 1988. It operates as a financially independent company, and does not rely on budgets and financial support.

Three entities issued the tender – the Israel Land Authority, Herzliya municipality and the Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. The plan was submitted in 1986.

The Company owner is the Herzliya municipality. The Company’s 10 board members include municipality representatives, representatives of the public and representatives of the Ministry of Tourism. 

Plan initiator: Herzliya municipality. 

The plans for building the Marina were designed based on Urban Renewal Plan 13 A (Tama 13 A), and were approved by all the statutory committees: local committee, district committee, national council and the Coastal Waters Committee. 

Approval of these programs was accompanied by an impact survey of the effect on the environment, as well as a sedimentology model prepared by the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, wave breaker stability models and more. 

The Marina was built in the beginning of the 1990s, and officially opened as an international port in 1995. 

As part of the tender the winner had to build a public marina and to finance the building of all the components implied by its full occupancy: land drying, wave breakers, sea walls, solid mooring piers including “fingers”, lighthouses, a device for lifting boats from dockage to land, a fueling pier for vessels and infrastructures. 

All the above activities were performed in exchange for designation of 50% of the land created for purposes of commerce, vacation and tourism, and receipt of building rights on the land by the development company.