“Sharing Toy” – An Exciting Herzliya Beaches Project

As part of the uncompromising vision of the Herzliya municipality, in cooperation with the Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., to provide a quick and efficient response to city residents, a new and exciting initiative was launched recently under the name of the “Sharing Toy” project. 

The project is carried out with the generous help of Ms. Liora Levy, who is responsible for voluntarily collecting forgotten toys on the city’s beaches. The project includes collecting and washing the toys, and placing them in three clearly marked places on three beaches, adjacent to the feet washing facilities: 

Acadia North (opposite the elevator)
Acadia Center
Acadia South 

The Idea:

  1. Come to the beach with the children.

  2. Select a suitable toy to play with.

  3. After using – wash your feet and the toy, and return the toy to its place.


According to Ofra Bell, “The Corporation sees this project as important and of added value in promoting environmental education. The project combines maintaining a clean environment and clean beaches while enabling children to play together and to care for toys, for other children as well that come to the beach.”

The Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. views the project as having added value and of supreme importance, as part of the Blue Flag project promoting environmental education.