The shipyard of Herzliya Marina is a large center of maintaining and fixing ships, operating since 2000. Its totally territory is about 8 acres.
The shipyard offers work of repairing, renovating and maintenance of all types of vessels.
The delivery of ships to the shipyard area is done by a crane with a lifting ability of up to 50 tons. The crane is equipped with a lever arm with lifting capability of up to 1 ton, for extracting motors and poles.
Another way to lift small motorboats is by using a tractor connected to a cart.
The shipyard area is including a parking space for around 60 ships lifted using a lever. Additionally, the area is including 15 parking spots for ships that are being delivered by tractor and cart.
From the moment a ship was brought to the shore it’s being treated by the best professionals, each in own field, according to the required handling.
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The registration for dry storing in the shipyard area is open!
(offered for motored vessels of up to 8.5 m in length)
There’s a limited number of openings.
For additional details please contact Ronit, anchorage office, Tel: +972 9 9565591, ext 2.